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Accreditation is available to NHS Trusts in England as well as Hospices and the Independent Care Sector with a similar scheme available for the accrediting of care homes. 

The process is straightforward and your Regional Lead will support you every step of the way. You may find your organisation is already meeting some or all of the eight standards. Do bear in mind that depending on the type of organisation you are representing you may not need to meet all eight standards.

The Process

1. Meet with Regional Lead and agree your VCHA Champion/Dyad.

2. Discuss the Standards required to become Accredited (depends on provider type).

3. Gather evidence – this website provides  guidance on what evidence you could share.

4. Provide all evidence on the application form and review with the Regional Lead (who will advise when it is ready to go forward).

5. Application is submitted to the VCHA Steering Group for approval.

6. Veteran Aware Accreditation is awarded.

7. Re-accreditation reviews are held after 12 months, and every three years.

8. Your Regional Lead works with you throughout the process.

There is no charge to providers. The VCHA is funded by NHS England Armed Forces Commissioning to deliver Veteran Aware status for all NHS Trust providers in England.

We will work with you and your team to achieve this great accolade.

The process – from initial expression of interest to completion of application submission – should take no longer than six months. It can be quicker with the appropriate supporting evidence.

What is the evidence required?

This will depend on what type of organisation you are and whether this is a review or not. It will also depend on whether you are applying for bronze, silver or gold Defence Employer Recognition Scheme standard (ERS).

Manifesto Requirements

1. The Trust understands and is compliant with the Armed Forces Covenant

2. The organisation has a clearly designated Veterans and Armed Forces ‘Champion Team’.

3. The organisation identifies Veterans and Armed Forces community-status patients to ensure they receive   appropriate care.

4. Staff at the organisation are trained and educated in the needs of veterans and the Armed Forces Community.

5. The organisation has established links to appropriate nearby Veteran and Armed Forces Community services. 

6. The organisation will refer Veterans and Armed Forces community patients to other services as appropriate.

7. The organisation raises awareness of Veterans and the Armed Forces Community.

8. The organisation supports the UK Armed Forces as an employer.

Next Steps

Express your interest to us >

Download the VCHA guide to accreditation >

Take a look at the supporting VCHA Resource Pack >  

Supporting providers to become Veteran Aware

Regional support network

Shares good practice and discusses challenges. Veterans’ champions in different providers can contact each other for information and advice.

Linking to other services

The VCHA helps members establish links to other services provided for the Armed Forces community, including those provided by the NHS, charities, and the Ministry of Defence.

Education and training

The VCHA directs members to a variety of education and training resources for staff training.


The VCHA can provide template leaflets, posters and other materials,  explaining that the Trust is ‘Veteran Aware’ and what this means for patients.

Accreditation and recognition

The Regional Leads support providers through the Accreditation (and
Re-accreditation) process to demonstrate they meet the ‘Veteran Aware’ Standards in the Manifesto.