Rehab at Tedworth House

Senior Physiotherapist Maisy Provan, and Occupational Therapist Sarah Barker, presented at the recovery centre on 18 October 2021 during one of its Continuous Personal Development days. 

It is one of a number of visits the pair has made as they continue to review (and ultimately to make recommendations on) improving rehabilitation for veterans and for overall patient care. The aim is to complete a research and review phase by Spring 2022, then pilot a model across England.

Tedworth House in Wiltshire is currently run by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) as a recovery centre for wounded, injured and sick serving military personnel.  They treat patients about to be medically discharged, and those who are to return to work for the MOD.  They run a range of courses from health coaching and activities, to reintegrating patients and CV preparation so they may successfully return to employment. 

Maisy and Sarah had the opportunity to present on the work of the VCHA, and on how their Rehabilitation project fits into the overall picture. 

Maisy said: “This was an ideal opportunity to talk to our MOD colleagues about what the VCHA is, to highlight how we – as the Rehab team – fit into that, and to raise awareness about what the VCHA wants to achieve. It’s always good when you’re able to talk to people who’d perhaps not heard much about us before.”

Maisy Provan (l) and Sarah Barker present at Tedworth House. Image copyright VCHA

The VCHA is committed to improving Armed Forces and Veteran care whilst raising standards for all.  99 NHS providers in England are now Veteran Aware accredited, and the Veteran Covenant Healthcare Alliance (VCHA) aims to have all Trusts in England accredited by November 2022 at the latest. Find out more about our work here and see what Rehab has been up to by clicking here.

20 October 2021


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