Maisy talks the HighGround

HighGround is proud to announce the launch of its Adaptive Gardening Guides by Jane Taylor, HighGround’s Horticultural Therapist, at Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Stanford Hall.

The VCHA’s Rehabilitation lead, Maisy Provan, has strong links with Stanford Hall and visited the Nottinghamshire site in November last year.  It is described as “the tri-service, gold standard rehabilitation centre for serving military personnel” and is home to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.  The Physiotherapist and Army Reservist was there as part of her Team’s review of veterans’ rehabilitation services, with a view to making recommendations on improving patient care.

Speaking about the Guides, Maisy said: “The benefits of land-based activities and of Horticulture cannot be underestimated within rehabilitation. HighGround provides an opportunity for patients to get ‘stuck in’ and bring themselves back to nature all whilst improving both physical and mental wellbeing. Their work is truly amazing and I look forward to using their new Adaptive Gardening Guides.”

This was echoed by the Guides’ author, Jane Taylor.  She said: “Horticultural Therapy as a rehab intervention is important because it benefits patients in their recovery in so many different ways.  Not only as part of their physical rehab but supporting mental health and wellbeing, developing cognitive skills, leisure interests and vocational opportunities. I hope the Adaptive Gardening Guides will provide additional support to enable our patients to continue their engagement in Horticulture.”

The Veteran Covenant Healthcare Alliance (VCHA) is committed to improving Armed Forces and Veteran care whilst raising standards for all. 106 NHS providers in England are now Veteran Aware accredited, two are re-accredited, and the VCHA aims to have all Trusts in England accredited by March 2023 at the latest. Find out more about our work and about the forthcoming Rehabilitation Report by clicking here.


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