New website launch

VCHA is delighted to announce its new website The website has all the relevant information our NHS healthcare providers need to know about becoming ‘Veteran Aware’ accredited.

Our team of dedicated Regional Leads are working with their providers to guide and support them to achieve accreditation. This involves providers sharing good practice in linking with local services for the Armed Forces Community and raising staff awareness of the Armed Forces Covenant. The Armed Forces Bill alongside NHS England’s commitment to the Armed Forces Community forward view will ensure that Veterans Healthcare is exemplary. During 2021 we will also be exploring whether other providers of healthcare can also work towards accreditation for example hospices and the Independent Sector.

Our ambition is to accredit all NHS providers in England as Veteran Aware by November 2022.

The website shows a map of the ‘Veteran Aware’ accredited providers to date, as well as a resource library and full guidance information on how an NHS healthcare provider can achieve accreditation – an ‘all you need to know’ guide.  Most providers are already doing some of the great work required to meet the standards to become ‘Veteran Aware’. The VCHA team are there to help providers to find the evidence, which will meet the criteria. The whole process can take a matter of weeks and there is no charge to providers, it just needs your organisation’s commitment and resource to collate the evidence, with the Regional Lead supporting every step of the way.

Is your organisation ‘Veteran Aware’? Check the map to find out and if not why not visit the website to learn more, or contact us on the email  for assistance.

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