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Physiotherapist Maisy Provan, and Occupational Therapist Sarah Barker, have made a second visit to Tedworth House in Wiltshire.

They visited in October to present an overview of the Veterans Covenant Healthcare Association (VCHA), and how their VCHA Rehabilitation team is an integral part of what the VCHA is trying to achieve.

Tedworth House in Wiltshire is currently run by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) as a recovery centre for wounded, injured and sick (WIS) serving military personnel. They were able to sit in and experience some of the courses first hand.

Sarah said: “After presenting last month, we were invited back (on 3 – 4 November) to observe some of the courses they run for serving personnel.  We observed the Accommodation and Transition course for those shortly to be medically discharged, due to either physical or mental health reasons.  We also sat in on the Rolling Recovery course for WIS personnel. This course aims to engage patients in recovery so they may return to duty.

You can’t beat this kind of experience. It’s not something you can adequately learn from a textbook.”

Day two saw Maisy and Sarah attend the Unit Recovery Officers’ training day, that is designed for both Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, and for those officers who will take on the role of unit recovery (welfare officer) officer at their regiment or unit.

Maisy added: “This was an introduction to what processes and policies they need to be aware of, and what they need to do to support their WIS personnel.  Many of the staff we very happy to have us back to engage in further discussion about the future of Rehabilitation for these ex-service personnel once they had left them. 

They were very keen to show us the benefits of activity in recovery, the use of different sports to re-engage people, as well as their educational sessions.”

The Rehab team looked at the transition course, and the many aspects that personnel have to consider when leaving. This includes accommodation, employment, CV writing, family considerations. 

Sarah said: “It got people to consider real life costs and their futures. It was great to see what the MOD is now offering these service leavers, and it helps us when thinking about what future support they may or may not need. It also gives weight to the argument – and evidence about the use of – activity, group working, camaraderie – and recovery away from a medical setting.”

Maisy concluded: “This is exactly the sort of treatment we need to consider while continuing our research into how rehabilitation for veterans in the NHS could be improved. It was time well spent.”

The VCHA is committed to improving Armed Forces and Veteran care whilst raising standards for all. 99 NHS providers in England are now Veteran Aware accredited, and the Veteran Covenant Healthcare Alliance (VCHA) aims to have all Trusts in England accredited by November 2022 at the latest. Find out more about our work and what Rehab has been doing by clicking here

11 October 2021


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